Heat Shrink Tubing for Military/Aerospace Applications

DSG-Canusa has a full line of heat shrink products that meet the North American MIL/23053 and European VG family of specifications. The table below lists DSG-Canusa heat shrink products and the Military cross reference.

Military Specification
Heat Shrink

Product Family Application
/1 CNP (Neoprene) Non-Polyolefin Flexible
Fluid resistance
/2 CVN 105 Non-Polyolefin Bundling
/4 Class 3 CPA 300 Dual Wall Sealing
Strain relief
/5 Class 1 and 2 CPX 100 Single Wall – flexible Insulation
/5 Class 3 CPX 876 Single Wall – highly flame retardant Insulation
/6 CHM 140 Single Wall – semi-rigid Strain relief
/8 DERAY® KY 175 (Kynar) Non-Polyolefin High temperature – up to 175°C
/12 CTFE (Teflon®) Non-Polyolefin High temperature – up to 250°C
/13 DERAY® VT220 (Viton®) Non-Polyolefin High temperature – up to 200°C
/15 FCFW
CFHR (6:1)
Low Voltage – heavy wall Strain relief
Connector sealing
/16 DERAY® V25 Non-Polyolefin Diesel resistance
/18 Class 2 DERAY® KYF 190 (PVDF) Non-Polyolefin High temperature – up to 190°C



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